A Decade Since

It’s hard to believe that in less than two weeks we will have ended the first decade of the 2000s.

Remember the Y2k scare? Were you just a little concerned that computers would stop working as 99 turned into 00?

Are you still deciding how to refer to the year? Is 2009 “two thousand nine” or is it “twenty oh nine”? What about next year? Two thousand ten or twenty ten? We didn’t call 1999 “one thousand nine hundred ninety nine” or even “nineteen hundred ninety-nine.” Come on, sing it with me … “party like it’s one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine.”

In 2000 did you think almost a quarter of U.S. homes would have cell phones only and no landline? Gasoline would cost more than $4 a gallon one summer? A woman and a black man would be among the leading contenders for President and one of them would win? Twenty men would simultaneously hijack four airliners and bring the country to its knees?

Could you have imagined Facebook? Twitter? Susan Boyle?

What do you think the next ten years will be like? Will CDs be thought of in 2019 the way cassettes are today? Will paying with cash be considered old school? Will Jenna Bush be President? Will we finally get the flying cars they’ve been predicting since boomers were babies?


elizinashe said…
Pizza will get better and better, wine will be bountiful, music will flourish and cat poop will be a new source of energy.