Gone in 2009

Today I saw a list of products, TV shows and people whose last year was 2009. Here are a few of them:

Kodachrome - remember film? This legendary slide film was around since 1935 and was my favorite back in my film days (which only ended 18 months ago). This film was known for rich color, expecially in warm colors like red and yellow. The best photos I've ever taken during a whole life as a photo enthusiast were in Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon, September 2000, and I shot mostly Kodachrome on that trip. I'll actually post these one day, when I can afford a slide scanner (unless that product disappears too).

Pontiac - I never thought I'd see Pontiac go away. The Pontiac GTO was one of my favorite cars of my youth. Pontiac also made the Trans Am, LeMans and Firebird. My sister drives a Pontiac Vibe, although that is mostly a Toyota with a Pontiac nameplate.

Saturn - This was supposed to be the brand of the future when it was introduced back in 1985. GM announced this year that they will stop making them next year. Gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday.

ER ended it's 15-year run on TV this year. I stopped watching it several years ago when most of the original cast was gone, so I didn't know it was still on till the highly-promoted final episode.

Guiding Light ended a television run spanning more than 50 years. No, I do not watch soap operas. But I'm sure I saw this one a few times as a kid because it was one of my Mother's faves during her housewife/child-raising years.

Oscar G. Mayer, the retired chairman of the meat company that bears his name, died this year at age 95. He was the third Oscar Mayer in the family. Until I read the story I had no idea that Oscar was actually a real person.

Boomers might remember this jingle: