The Music Journey Continues

My ongoing ‘rediscover live music’ journey made another stop on January 1st. For the first time since the late 1980s I saw two of my old favorite blues bands the Nighthawks and the Billy Price Band.

I was excited to see them but also a little apprehensive; would they still be as good as I remembered them?

The answer? Sort of.

They were both good. Each did a set, followed by a set with both bands combined. There was plenty of talent on that stage but I didn’t see the continuous spontaneity and fun I remembered. There were a few spectacular moments, however, especially when Billy Price sang “Our Love Will Never Die.” At least I think that’s the name of the song and it might be an old Otis Rush song. Billy put some incredible feeling into his performance, even singing the hook line off mic but with enough passion and power to be heard clearly across the whole room. But some of the songs fell short on fun, as if the bands were tired from playing a New Year’s Eve job somewhere the night before.

I’ll still seek them out again, however, because the music is great and I fully expect other performances to be great as well.

Here is a little video taste from a couple of years ago: