Totally Random 3.5

- Wouldn’t Access Denied be a great name for a band?

- People in their 80s and 90s tend to lose weight and bone mass, which means they literally get smaller. So why do they take up more space in the aisle at the grocery store?

- Do you have a CD changer in your car? Are you ever surprised when something starts to play and you didn’t even realize that CD was in the player? That happened to me twice a few days ago when I heard Billy Price songs and then Robert Randolph songs. It seems I had played the same U2 and Dave Matthews CDs over and over again and forgot there were others in there.

- I know more about some co-workers from their Facebook posts that I do from daily in-person conversations.

- Twenty-three percent of U.S. homes have only cell phones and the number is growing rapidly. I’m seriously considering joining them. I rarely use my home land line and it annoys me when it rings. Everyone who really has to reach me has my cell number.

- Do you think the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday will ever be a ‘day off from work’ holiday for those of us who do not have government jobs? Or will it continue to be just another Monday? Or worse, will it become another Monday with big sales at Target like President’s Day has become? Food for thought.

- My prediction for this year’s Super Bowl: The New Orleans Saints will be in it and will win it.