Do You Matter?

Did you ever hear a song that is so powerful and real that it reaches out of the radio, slaps you in the face and makes you a little teary-eyed the 1st time you hear it all the way through?

I had that experience on the way to work this morning. Matt Kennon's "The Call" is a relatively new country song. There are 2 or 3 stories in the song in which the character feels that maybe their life doesn’t matter much to anyone. Each ends with a phone call from a friend that profoundly and positively affects the person’s life by assuring them that their life does matter to someone. One character in the song was on the verge of suicide and a call from a friend asking him if he’s coming fishing ‘cause it wouldn’t be the same wihout ya’ changed his mind. Another character was about to have an abortion and a call from her boyfriend resulted in her having the baby and them getting married.

I have never been suicidal (or pregnant) and I do know I matter to some people because they have told me so. But that song still had a profound effect on me. I really did cry when I heard it. My emotional valleys and peaks have been lower and higher than usual for the past year, so things hit me harder.

The song ends by saying if you’re thinking about someone or someone matters to you, reach out and tell them.

What you say may seem so small
But they might be glad you called
So make the call

... or the text or the email. It might really make a difference. At the very least, it’ll be a nice ‘hey I’m thinking about ya’ surprise.
Hit this link if you want to hear the song.