Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Reform … Oy!

It is pretty clear to me that our country needs health care reform, especially legislation that puts some humanitarian limits on abusive practices of some insurance companies. Will the bill that was passed Sunday do that? Who the hell knows? Certainly not Congress. I would be surprised if even one of the 100 Senators and 435 Representatives has read the whole thing.

Where can we, the lowly average citizens, find objective information on exactly what is in the bill? Certainly not from television networks. Fox News should just call themselves what they are: the RNC Network. MSNBC? The DNC Network. Diane Sawyer on ABC last night sounded more like a cheerleader for the bill than an objective news anchor. Is CNN objective? Maybe, maybe not. Radio talk show hosts? Don’t get me started on that one. My opinions on that subject are in an earlier post.

Clearly the bill was voted along party lines. Backroom deals and fear of not being reelected had more influence on individual votes on both sides than what was in the bill or what American citizens want. It just might be time for total government reform. All 535 legislators should be replaced with legislators who actually vote based on the wishes of their constituents and not based on party politics.

Republicans need to stop claiming that every time a Democrat suggest something that it’s coming from Satan. Democrats need to stop being so smug and claiming that Republicans have no good ideas. The best answers to these questions always come from a hybrid of multiple viewpoints. That is what this country is built on.


elizinashe said...

it's kinda scary isn't it? it's good in theory but there is a part of me that hopes it doesn't completely fly. something just doesn't sound right about it.

Linda V. said...

The whole bill is a mess of short-sightedness and power-plays. The deals that were cut to get it pushed through were appalling. 2,000 pages of crap. And guess who gets to shovel the $%&* for the rest of our lives. Maybe its time for another revolution....

Bernie said...

Eliz, tell me more from your perspective as someone who works in the health care biz.

Linda, tell me more when we've both seen more of what's really in the bill. I agree and disagree (nothing new about that, right?). I agree about the power plays - ridiculous. Ugh!