Kid Logic and Muddy Floods

Kid logic says, “Why take a bath? You’re just going to get dirty again.”

My adult version might be, “Why wash your car? It’s just going to get dirty again.”

I took my car to the car wash two days ago for the first time since the blizzards last month and it came out clean, shiny and looking like the luxury car I really wanted when I bought this one two years ago. Today, however, it is raining; pouring actually. The nearby hilly highway is more like a river, with flowing streams of water and mud cutting paths across every bend; and I just splashed through every puddle.

Now my black car is tan and black, but not in that cool two-tone look of 1950s era cars. Ragged streaks of sloppy mud paint random design across the doors, roof and wheel areas.

More adult logic: Hmm, the muddy tan does match the color of the leather seats.

More kid logic: don’t wash the car again.