Reform Randomness

A few more thoughts relating to the health care reform bill.

-No one has read the whole thing, including me. But here is some of what’s in it:

-No more lifetime limits on policies.

-No more cancelling policies because someone gets sick.

-No more denying coverage to people with medical problems.

-No more charging women more than men for coverage.

-No government-run health insurance plan.

-Yes, it will cost too much. So did the misguided Iraq war.

-Yes, health insurance will be required. Aren’t we already required to have auto insurance?

-Yes, backroom Medicaid deals were made for Nebraska and Louisiana. Although I think the government owes Louisiana something for screwing up response to Hurricane Katrina, I don’t think it should have had anything to do with this bill.

I remind those who say we should have slowed down or started over that health care reform has been on the table since 1993. That was f-ing slow enough!

The bill isn’t perfect but it’s better than the status quo. The reform bill will be reformed some more before implementation, so some of these issues will be resolved.

The partisan crap has to stop!

Those who have made death threats to Democrats who voted for the bill should be treated as terrorists. Men and women have died to give us the right to disagree and to express our opinions publicly; killing someone for their opinion is not to be tolerated, nor is threatening them. I wonder of the cowards who make those threats have the courage to use their real power to make change: their vote.

Our right to free speech allows a certain former Vice Presidential candidate to use gun sights on her web site to show that she has targeted certain House Democrats in her fight to remove them from office. That scares the shit out of me.