Saving Henry

Inspiration comes in many shapes, sizes and ages. One of the most inspirational people I have ever encountered is a boy named Henry. I know his mother and she just wrote a book about the short but extraordinary life of her firstborn and his positive attitude in the face of the rare, catastrophic illness that led to his death just past his 7th birthday.

I never met Henry, but after reading half of the book I feel like I know him. He apparently was smiling, happy, gregarious and caring, just like his parents. Mom says he lit up any room he entered. For much of his brief life he didn’t seem sick. The diagnosis of his extremely rare disease came within days of his birth, so fanconi anemia dominated his life but did not interfere with it. He lived a full life and was, as I said, an inspiration.

Laurie Strongin had her first ‘author reading’ this afternoon at Politics & Prose Bookstore in Washington DC. It was my first as an attendee and I’m glad I went.

I’ve known Laurie for about 3 years and I’ve interviewed her twice on one of my radio shows, a year ago about her Hope For Henry Foundation and two weeks ago about the Book “Saving Henry: A Mother’s Journey.” She is a great guest not just because the story is so compelling but because she tells it with ego-free grace and confidence. Click here to hear my interview with her, of better still, look for her soon on Good Morning America and other national television shows.

Saving Henry may seem like it would be a sad story because you already know how it ends. But it is a joyous story because of what we can all learn about living life to the fullest, even of the teacher of that lesson was only a child.

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