Shopping Mall Randomness

- Please don’t tell me plaid pants are popular again. Plaid shirts too. I hate plaid on me. I have acquired and discarded plaid at least twice in my life and I didn’t like it then either. But plaid dominated the young men’s section of Macy’s and Penney’s during my shopping trip yesterday.

- Please don’t tell me pastel green and pastel orange are popular again. Repeat the above paragraph but substitute the word pastel for the word plaid.

- If I had kids, they would NOT be running up and down the aisles of mall stores screaming.

- There seem to be as many kiosks in the mall open space as there are stores with doors. I could buy watches, cards, cell phones, jewelry, pretzels and a condo without ever setting foot in a store.

- I’m certain that Stevie Wonder and Ronnie Milsap designed the parking lot at my local mall.

- I’m trying to expand my wardrobe in a bit bolder direction, but I keep buying Eddie Bauer. Got some more at the outlet mall today. EB is not especially stylish but it isn’t out of style either.

- I’ve lost ten pounds since December but I still don’t quite qualify for ’slim fit.’

- Some items at the outlet mall cost more than similar items at traditional malls.

- I’m no fashion expert but I do know that it’s time to donate my Hawaiian shirts to Goodwill. All ten of them.


elizinashe said…
yes plaid is back along with the 80s neon colors. yuk. don't discard those Hawaiian shirts just yet. step out of your comfort zone. it's getting closer to flip flop time with painted toes!
Bernie said…
Your toes look good painted. I'd have to lose a bet to paint mine! hahaha I do like my Hawaiin shirts - maybe I'll keep them for the next time they're popular again.