You’ll Cry But It’s Worth It

The single thing I am most proud of in my media job is the tiny role I play in a huge annual effort to raise money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Our radiothon is going on today and tomorrow (Thursday 3/11 and Friday 3/12, 5am – 7pm EST both days).

Their work with research and care for children with catastrophic illnesses is amazing and they were recently ranked as highest in trust by a Harris Interactive survey. I’ve seen the facility three times and have met many patients and parents. Yes, children die. And yes, children survive. Sit in the lobby on ‘baseball cap day’ and watch how much joy and hope there is in that place.

During the radiothon you’ll hear stories mixed in with powerful country songs. You’ll hear appeals from sincere and sometimes emotional DJs as well as children who have been patients there. You’ll hear from some DC area parents whose children survived. You’ll also hear from parents whose children didn’t make it. Those parents come back as phone bank volunteers year after year because St. Jude’s gave them just a little more time with their kids.

If you listen, you might cry a little but it is worth it. This is as real as radio gets. And a phone call or a web visit from you can make a difference.

If a country station in your area is doing a St. Jude Country Cares event this month, make a donation. If they already did one and you missed it, call mine and become a Partner In Hope.

Click here to donate or to learn more.

Click Listen Live on that page to hear the radiothon. (or click here)

Thank you.