My music journey continued with a fanawesometastic show last night. If it comes to your town, you have to see the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Review, starring the Tommy Castro Band and several other blues performers who are part of each show. The ensemble I saw in Falls Church, Virginia included Deanna Bogart, Joe Louis Walker and Debbie Davies.

Tommy Castro (on guitar) and 2 of his band members

Castro is my current favorite blues act and I would have paid the bucks to see just his band, as I did a few months ago. He has been on the California blues scene for twenty years and has a growing reputation, thanks to awards, touring, TV appearances and guest shots on various blues radio outlets. His guitar work is great and he puts on a hell of a show too, so people like me like him even more after seeing his band on stage and on You Tube.

Bogart’s talent reputation has been gaining over the years nationally and internationally, but she is local too. I even knew her at one time (and should have re-introduced myself to her last night. Next time). The last time I saw her, fifteen years ago, I thought she was one of the best keyboard and sax players I had ever seen. She is even better now! Her talent draws on many different styles and her stage antics are fun and memorable.

Deanna Bogart (on sax) and Debbie Davies

Joe Louis Walker has performed with everyone from John Lee Hooker to Steve Miller to Jimi Hendrix and he has put out his own successful blues recordings for decades.

Joe Louis Walker

Debbie Davies had been a blues guitarist and singer since her youth. She performed and recorded with legends Albert Collins, John Mayall and others and has her own career going.

All of the acts were nominated for Blues Music Awards this year. The ceremony will be May 6th in Memphis.

Their own songs plus the improvisational jamming in various combinations was amazing. Four hours of fanawesometastic blues!!