Laughter Is the Best Medicine

I don’t know who first said ‘laughter is the best medicine’ but I do believe it.

I got a three hour dose of laughter last night from three of my favorite doctors: Bill Engval, Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy.

Their Blue Collar Comedy Tour has been around for several years, in the form of live events like the one I saw in Virginia, television specials and movies. Each of the comedians has a signature phrase, including “here’s your sign,” “you might just be a redneck” and “git er done.”

But their material continues to evolve and a lot of what I heard last night was new material. Each performs a solo set then all three do a combo improv based in part on audience questions.

I really heeded to laugh this week. The medicine didn’t ‘cure’ me but I do feel much better today.

Here are a few minutes from Larry the Cable Guy. Even though it’s a You Tube clip, it’s only audio, but it’s funny stuff.

And here is a short news story about the Tour.