Why I Love Living Near Washington DC

This week marks my 26th anniversary as a resident of Maryland, living within 50 miles of Washington DC.

Part of why I love it here is that I can have a day like today:

- parked at a Metro station lot in the suburbs,
- took the Metro train to the Smithsonian Station in downtown DC,
- walked along the National Mall to the Tidal Basin across from the Jefferson Memorial,

- took 66 pictures of Cherry Blossoms around there and near the Washington Monument,

- had a cup of coffee at M.E. Swings Coffee Roasters, across the street from the West Wing of the White House,

- walked to another Metro station and took the train to the station nearest my office

… THEN went to my job, arriving just a little later than my usual start time.

By the way, Swings is my new favorite local coffee shop. This sign inside is part of why:

If you're ever out this way, let me know. I'll be happy to be your tour guide. At least one friend is visiting this year. Ya'll are all welcome!!

Visit my photo blog for more pictures from today and from last year.