Book Addiction

Can you walk past a bookstore without going in and buying something? I can’t. I usually buy books online, but sometimes I engage in old-fashioned physical book shopping.

My literary tastes are as eclectic as my music preferences. The picture below shows the books I bought yesterday. I really need a laugh this week so entered Barnes & Noble intending to buy one Christopher Moore book. His latest (shown in the picture) was just inside the entrance, in the center of a huge “50 percent off” display. I could have picked it up, turned left, walked ten feet to the cashier. Instead, I picked it up and walked through nearly every aisle in the store.

The other purchases were total impulse. Rogue Angel just looked interesting; I’ve never heard of the author. Italian At Home is a cookbook; I’m trying to connect with my family heritage. The Washington DC book will help refresh my knowledge of local attractions when I’m being a tour guide for a visiting friend this summer.

The irony is this: I already have several books on the shelf next to this computer waiting to be read. Dust is gathering on two Dan Brown novels, a history book about two Civil War generals, a Frommer’s guide to Tuscany and a book about radio DJs.

I’ll eventually read them all, but I might buy a few more before I do.