Book ‘Em, Danno

Boomers must still be in charge. Either that or Gen X is running out of ideas.

You’ll see evidence of those claims this fall on CBS with Hawaii Five-O. This new police drama is a remake of the popular 1970s series about the Hawaii State Police. Some of the characters are the same, most notably McGarrett, Danno and Chin, but they’ve been updated. The 70s McGarrett mostly wore a dark suit, white shirt, dark tie. During the whole week I spent in Hawaii in 1996 I didn’t see one person wearing a tie. The new McGarrett is much more casual.

The original series takes me back to my youth. This remake will look and feel more like CSI, among my favorite current shows. Either this will be the best of both, or it’ll flop like the remakes of Bionic Woman and Knight Rider did.

One possible reason for optimism … the updated theme song is pretty cool:

Here are some previews. Watch this all the way through to the very last three words.