Dennis Hopper

I’ve been aware of Dennis Hopper for as long as I’ve been aware of movies, but I didn’t realize just how many classics he was in till I looked up information after he died this week.

A small sampling: Rebel Without a Cause and Giant in the 50s, Cool Hand Luke and Easy Rider in the 60s, Apocalypse Now in the 70s, Colors and Blue Velvet in the 80s, Speed in the 90s, and Waterworld in the 2000s

Easy Rider

He was also a photographer, painter, sculptor and author. He had five ex-wives, including singer Michelle Phillips (they were only married for a few weeks in 1970). He was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year and that is listed as the cause of death.


If you don’t know his movies, you might have seen his Ameriprise Financial commercials: