A Salad and Cheese Fries

I am in great shape. That is a statement that used to be true, till I reached age 35. I've been in decent shape off and on since, but fitness is more challenging as we age.

Last fall I set a goal to lose twenty pounds. I lost the first ten but gained five back during the holidays and I’m still there. That represents progress, but not enough, so I'm trying again. Today I didn't hit the vending machine once, although I did eat ice cream for dessert tonight. Had salad for dinner Saturday; had cheese fries at the air show for lunch. No, I will not cut out everything I like, but I will manage and regulate; I’m pretty good at that when I try hard.

Fitness is a life-long endeavor and it is never too late to start. Cardio and weight-bearing exercise provide many benefits, including better sleep, more stamina and mental acuity and increased resistance to disease. And I’ll admit that looking in shape can boost self-confidence and ego.

I’m talking about this tonight because last year I said I’d keep you posted and because if I say these things out loud, maybe I’ll have a greater incentive to stick to my goals.

At one point in my early 30s I looked in shape enough to wear a Speedo at the beach and not get laughed at. That’ll never happen again, but at some point this year I might be able to repeat the first sentence of this post and mean it.