Another One

A few years ago I started tracking down friends and family from my past, the ones I had lost track of over the years and decades, just to see how things turned out for them. Facebook and Google have accelerated the process and up till a week ago there were only four left on my list. In the past seven days, that list was cut in half. Awesome!

Actually, the most recent two found me. You read about one a couple of posts ago; our catch up lunch was Saturday. The other one found me Sunday. So far we’ve only caught up by email but hopefully we’ll have a catch-up meal soon. Two big surprises about her: she and her husband still live in this area (I thought they moved a long time ago) and she had business with my company last year and was actually in the building, twenty feet from my office. I must have been out that day.

Anyway, kudos to whoever invented social networking on the internet. It’s raining friends! I love it.