Today is the longest day of the year. OK, it’s 24 hours long, like all the rest, but today has the longest amount of daylight. I started writing this at 9:15 pm and there was still a little light outside.

The interesting irony of Mother Nature is that as the days begin to get shorter in July and August, the temperatures get hotter. Less sunlight, more warmth. Go figure.

If you are in Australia as you read this, you have just had the shortest day of the year. I guess that also means there is less daylight for this year’s World Cup games in South Africa.

Many cultures including Native Americans celebrate sun-related occurrences like the summer solstice. The Sun Father is one of the three major Zuni deities, for example, and the Zuni word for daylight is the same as the word for life. I can’t find that word, but if I could, I’d use it here.

Meanwhile, I’ll just say Happy Summer.