Music Randomness

I get plenty of free event tickets at work, so I shouldn’t complain when I occasionally don’t get tickets to something. But I’ll complain anyway. I must be networking with the wrong people at work because there is a concert tonight that I did want to see and every time I log onto Facebook from HOME I see posts from the co-workers who are at the concert. Some of those co-workers are younger than the songs being sung at this concert. Do they know the words to “You’ve Got a Friend”? Just sayin’.

One month from tonight I AM going to a concert for which I have tickets. I bought them – wasn’t taking chances. I often go to concerts alone, but I will be sharing this particular concert with the awesome friend who first encouraged me to pay more attention to this artist. That day can’t get here fast enough. I wonder if the concession stand will be offering “Alligator Pie” on the menu.

Yesterday I was scrolling through the website of my favorite local venue, a 400-seater with a performance lineup even more eclectic than my own music tastes. In October I might have another chance to chair dance to “What Is Hip.” Those tickets won’t be free. I don’t care.

I do have free tickets to the rescheduled concert of one of my favorite country music duos. It’s OK that I was never very good at the line dance for their most famous song because there isn’t enough room in the aisles for that anyway. Get down, turn around, go to town, boot scoot boogieeeeee.


elizinashe said…
if they don't have alligator pie then hopefully they will have some big whiskey.
Bernie said…
I'm going to a baseball game at that facility next week. I'll thoroughly investigate their libation selections. :)