Totally Random 4.0

Fitness Score Update: Gym 13 - Vending Machine 3. Had I posted this as recently as six hours ago, the vending score would still have been 2, but I was so hungry around 4pm that my stomach started growling. A Snickers bar shut him up.

Wine and Price: I buy two bottles of wine every two or three weeks. Sometimes I get varieties or vintners I know, sometimes I experiment. When I branch out, my choices are either a recommendation from friends or something as silly as “I like the way the label looks.” For the past eight months, every bottle has had some redeeming quality until now. I finally found one I did not like at all; in fact my sink drank most of it. It was also the cheapest one I’ve purchase in years. Sometimes price does matter.

Truckers: My round trip daily trek to work is 84 miles, most of it on Interstate highways. I have two observations to make about drivers of large trucks. One, drivers of 18-wheelers consistently drive safely. Two, drivers of dump trucks do not. I don’t get it.

Trucks and a Storm: Another truckin’ observation: Wal-mart trucks are a lot bigger than Honda cars. For ten minutes of my commute today I drove through a blinding rain storm. As I was merging from one Interstate highway onto another, a Wal-mart truck drove partway into my lane. Visibility was almost zero, so I don’t blame him and he corrected quickly (and did not hit me). I could barely see the road and much of the other traffic because of the intensity of the rain and the road wash, but I could see the shape of his truck outlined against the setting sun. I used him as my beacon till I got to the next exit.

OK, that’s enough randomness for tonight.