Yes, It's An Awesome Job

You might think working at a radio station is fun, glamorous and exciting. Well, here's the truth: sometimes it actually is all that. For most of my adult life I've worked at radio stations, half of my career as a DJ and half behind the scenes. Most of the time it is like any other job: good days and bad days, boring day-to-day duties mixed with fun activities, too much to do and not enough time in which to do it.

Unlike most other jobs, we often get to spend some time with music stars. This past Sunday I met six of the fifteen performers at our annual station-sponsored country music festival, including headliners Montgomery Gentry. They are one of my favorite groups and like many country artists, their songs are about small town life, growing up, love, lust, parties and patriotism.

Then on Tuesday, singer Dierks Bentley dropped by to play a few songs for some listeners and staffers in our performance studio. He has had several country-pop hit songs over the past few years but his new CD is bluegrass flavored. During his Tuesday visit he played some of the new songs but also played bluegrass style versions of his hits.

Yes, I love this job and although I believe I’m pretty good at it, I also know I’m damn lucky to have it.