Follow Up Randomness

On the off chance you’ve been reading this blog or the previous one for awhile and you might have a passing interest in some of my personal stuff, here are a few updates:

The Nationals Game a few days ago … My party of five did our part to make it a sellout crowd. The Nats beat the Mets (in the last inning, barely). Nationals Park is a great place to see a game and I’m looking forward to seeing a concert there in just over two weeks.

Fitness … Gym 19 Vending Machine 4. Only five pounds down on the scale, but I’m one belt notch down and might be a pants size down in the fall. Patience.

Self Discovery Journey … I wrote plenty about this last summer and fall. I’ll write more in a few months. Basically, I have a clear picture of who I am and where I’m going. Progress is much slower than I want it to be but my determination is rock solid.

Italian lessons … I’ll try again in September.

Return to college … lower on the list than it was two years ago when I put it on hold again. Part of my self-discovery is effective prioritization. Other things are more important to me at present.

Annual keyword … in 2009 I chose play as the word that would guide my year. That strategy definitely worked, especially during July, October and December. This year, I continued with play and added simplify. Mixed results so far, but the year is only half over.