It’s Starting To Work

I have been more determined about workouts and healthy eating lately and it is finally starting to show … a little. In the battle of the gym vs. the vending machine, the score is now Gym 21 - Vending Machine 4.

Food and psychology are often connected and I recently discovered that when I have some kind of emotional setback during the day, I instinctively head for the vending machine. On a good day, I hit the adjacent water cooler instead.

My weight today is the second-lowest this year. My lowest in twenty years was three days BEFORE Thanksgiving Day last November; I need to lose six more pounds to tie that number.

My overall shape is starting to improve, although if I were to use the words six-pack and abs in the same sentence, it would still be more about a certain liquid refreshment than about fitness. Time to get more serious about the cardio part of my plan.

Oh look, it’s almost lunch time. Gotta go. Spinach chick pea salad, here I come!