My rediscovered love of live music is reaching a new level in some ways. Since I started assertively acting on this, I have discovered artists I had never seen or in some cases even heard of, rediscovered some old favorites and found friends with similar interests. I have also broken out of my habit of only going to shows where I get free tickets as part of my media job. Now that I actually spend money on some concerts, I see a greater variety of live music, in both small and large venues.

I mentioned Farm Aid in my last post. There is a slight chance I’ll get free tickets to that one … very slight. If I buy them, they will be the most expensive tickets I’ve ever purchased. The nosebleed seats are $49 each and I’m not a fan of upper deck seats at baseball stadiums, especially at those prices; most seats for that show are twice that, plus service charges. Ouch! They go on sale tomorrow. I haven’t even made travel arrangements yet because I don’t even know if the event that is actually the reason for a trip to Milwaukee is confirmed. I guess I have twelve hours to decide what to do.

Meanwhile, there are two big-deal concerts in my area this weekend. Both are at the venue I love to hate … a great venue once you get there but traffic is usually a nightmare going and coming. So I had already decided to pass on the country music show Saturday night because I’ve already seen the headliner and both opening acts and didn’t want to fight the traffic to see them again.

Then a co-worker said he had an extra ticket to the Sunday night show and invited me to go with him. There is also a pre-party with free BBQ and beer. Oh, who’s playing? Tom Petty and Crosby, Stills & Nash! Back in my rock DJ days I played songs by them hundreds if not thousands of times but I have never seen them live. I still turn the radio up for at least a few songs by each. And the invite includes a ride there so I don’t even have to deal with the stress of the commute, at least not as a driver.

Let the good live music times roll. I am very lucky. I’ll give y’all a full report next week.