Random Stuff I Wonder About

Car key fobs use radio frequencies to do what they do. What would happen to radio and TV stations if everyone in the USA hit the car open button at the same time?

If the postal service really does run out of money and stops delivering mail will trash collection and recycling companies also go out of business?

Do you know more about your co-workers from what they tell you about their lives in person every day at work or from what you read on their Facebook pages?

If you’ve already had your 40th birthday, do you remember how old that seemed on your 20th? Did your kids give you a cake with the words ‘payback time’ written on it in low-fat, cholesterol-free black frosting?

Is there really a baby boom nine months after a local multi-day blizzard? When did snow become an aphrodisiac?

Why do people who live only a few blocks from a gym drive there?