A Book Review - “Rescuing Olivia”

A writer called me a writer! That is an awesome feeling. I’ll explain in a moment.

As far as I know, only three professional, working writers have visited this blog or its predecessor: Ian, an aspiring writer who has published at least one novel but who still has a ‘real job’ to support his family; my friend Carol, who writes many things, including magazine articles, and who first encouraged me to blog; and most recently Julie, a lawyer and novelist who lives in Florida.

Julie Compton’s first visit was to comment on my post about Dave Matthews. She is a big DMB fan and stumbled onto my rave review of his concert in DC in July. I responded with a comment on a post she wrote about meeting Dave and while I was on her blog noticed an ad for her recently published second novel. I read reviews on both of her books and decided to buy the new one.

So, my review …

“Rescuing Olivia” is a great psychological adventure love story drama, with twists and turns that often begin as a bit improbable yet develop into completely believable milestones on the road to complex character development.

I especially like the parallel story lines from the present and the past and how they ultimately converge, revealing and explaining intricate personality traits of the two main characters and at least seven more major players. Along the way, there are vivid descriptions of both geography and culture in widely divergent locations from Florida to New England to Africa. You’ll also find motorcycle riding, lovemaking, a bar fight, rich vs. poor and tests of loyalty and friendship.

The author keeps you guessing, too. Although I figured out the basic end before I got there, I loved all the surprises, right up through the last three sentences.

Buy the book! I used Amazon; her web site has links to more options.

Now the writer part … when I commented on Julie Compton’s Dave story, her reply comment included this ego-boosting sentence:

I remember you were a writer, too, which was ironic since I found your blog because of the DMB connection, not the writing connection.

I’m not sure exactly what gave her the idea that I am a writer but it certainly feels good for a real writer to say I’m one too. I am a writer in the sense that my full time job includes writing, although I mostly write radio commercials. I also write interview questions for a radio show, posts for several personal blogs and the occasional poem. Writing a book is on my bucket list.

However, I am definitely a story-teller and that is certainly where writing a book begins.

For now, I am happy to be corresponding with a writer who makes part of her living as a creative story-teller.