Funky Liza Iz A Good Adviza

I posted something on Facebook recently about the then approaching 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and how I was still somewhat depressed over the lingering effects the storm has on my hometown New Orleans. My friend Eliz commented that I should think more about some positive aspects of New Orleans recovery and maybe have my own Mardi Gras party.

That thought and advice popped into my head this morning as I remembered that today is the 5th anniversary of my Mother’s death, partly at the hands of Katrina. I could easily have sunk into some depression over that but as I was grabbing for some CDs to play during my commute, I ran across my copy of Gumbo, a CD filled with New Orleans-style songs. (Hmm, I made the original CD for that same friend).

This afternoon, I popped that CD into the player and cranked it up to party volume. Funky Liza by the New Orleans Nightcrawlers is one of my favorite songs on the CD.

Click Here to hear the song (if I did this right).

It is hard to hear that song without smiling … and dancing (which is not that easy while driving on I-70). So thanks to Funky Liza and advice from my funky friend Eliz (hmm, almost like Liza), I’m in a pretty good mood and celebrating my Mother’s unique life rather than the sad circumstances of her death.