The Guy Is An Idiot

This guy calls himself a pastor? A reverend? A clergyman? A man of God? What God? Certainly not mine!

He plans to burn copies of the holy book of another faith? I think he is a sick, misguided publicity hound trying to get some attention for his little church. Or for himself. And I think he is wrong to burn any book, but especially wrong to burn holy books of another faith in a country founded on the principle of religious freedom.

I also think he has the right to do this, even if it is the stupidest, most dangerous and divisive thing I’ve seen in a long time. Men and women have given their lives to give him the freedom to give an evil face to something that should be good … a minister. He is every bit as wrong as the tiny percentage of terrorist believers of the faith whose books he plans to burn. He is nearly a terrorist himself for his planned action, in my opinion. He will put the lives of American military personnel in jeopardy and will be responsible for some of their deaths.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam share, among other things, the basics of faith, prayer, history, ethics and more. There are more similarities than differences. It is one thing for someone to chose one brand of faith over another and to believe his/hers is the best one. It is quite another to defile the sacredness of someone else’s religion.

Actions like what this guy plans are what put our freedoms to the test. I think we will pass, but the whole idea is evil, in my opinion. I wonder if anyone will try to burn bibles in front of his church on Saturday.