I’m A Man

OK, it looks like I’m at least 90% REAL MAN!

How do I know this? I saw it on the internet. I recently read a web site containing a list of ten factors that make a man. I did not really have any doubt about my manhood but validation from a totally scientifically researched pop culture entertainment web site is a good thing.

Here is their list and my own self-evaluation on each point.

According to TheFrisky.com, here are 10 things that make a man ...

1. He kills a spider (I DO)
2. He's not afraid for you to see him cry. (HMM, SOMETIMES)
3. He does the premenstrual tampons-and-Ben & Jerry's run. (BEEN THERE DONE THAT)
4. He has a trash can in his bathroom. (YES)
5. He knows his way around a kitchen and does 90% of the cooking. (MOSTLY)
6. He can fix stuff around the house. (YES)
7. He doesn't have more than four pairs of shoes. (I HAVE MORE, BUT I WEAR THE SAME 4 OVER AND OVER)
8. He lets you have the last bite of a shared dessert. (I HAVE)
9. He takes care of ALL of your car issues (oil changes, etc.) (I COULD)
10. He rubs your feet for more than 2 seconds (I’D LOVE TO)

So in case any readers had any doubt about my manhood, there’s your proof. Or was that spoof? Oh, the original list has 20 criteria but like many real men, I am lazy sometimes so I only went with ten.

Please pass me another glass of merlot, uhh I mean beer, would ya?