Must Be How the Rich Live

Do you play the lottery? Have you thought about what you’d do with the money, especially a big jackpot? I only play sometimes but I have thought up detailed scenarios for what I’d do if I won, plans at virtually every dollar winning amount. Aside from the usual things like paying off debt, buying property, helping friends and family and donating to charity, I would also buy expensive season tickets for area sports teams.

I was thinking about this today as I watched the Washington Nationals beat the New York Mets while sitting in the Diamond Club section at Nationals Park. These seats cost between $135 and $160 each. I got mine free from work because apparently no client wanted to go to the game on Labor Day.

These are no mere seats, these are in the first 25 rows behind home plate in a section where they scan your tickets second time and give you a wrist band for re-entry, should you leave the section. But why would you leave? The seats are great, you can order food, beer, wine and mixed drinks at your seat or spend time in the restaurant/lounge behind the section. That room has a great view and a bar with even more available libations and … this is the most important part … clean rest rooms with short lines. Oh, and this part is indoors in case the weather is bad.

Hmm, what else? The seats are padded. The fans who can afford to sit in this section aren’t falling down drunk. The conversation between the two guys behind me wasn’t about getting drunk or laid, it was about their days playing college baseball and about how the split-season ticket plan here is a better value that the full season because you get just the games you want and it only costs $12,000.

This must be how the rich live. Oh yeah, there was a baseball game too. The Nats won 13-3.