I’m usually a shoes and socks guy but I’ve been wearing flip flops a lot for the past few weeks. After wearing them most of Sunday I put on shoes and socks to go to the gym and it actually felt odd.

What the hell is that punch dub shit when you see a VW? Don’t ever do that to me, OK? And why do they think that ad strategy would lead someone to buy a VW?

Fall is usually my favorite season, partly for the color and cooler temps and partly because it represents a psychological prelude to recharging life. I am happy that it has arrived.

Rain is a good thing for many reasons; there is even a popular country song that lists them. Visit a friend’s recent blog post for a short, eloquent example of how rain also has a calming, therapeutic effect sometimes.

My favorite NASCAR driver won at Dover yesterday. Last year, Jimmie Johnson was the points champion for the 4th consecutive year, setting a record. No one expected him to make it five, but as of yesterday he is #2, which means he might do it again.

My mood has been in peaks and valleys lately, mostly valleys. Saturday night it was more like a smelly ditch. But Sunday I was in a pretty good mood; I don’t know why but I’m celebrating the little things in life. I am determined to make this a good week and to make progress on three things that are very important to me right now. Wish me luck … even though luck has nothing to do with it … the key to progress is determination and action. Luck doesn’t hurt though.