Tom and Donnie Reinvented

Next week I plan to post something about reinventing yourself. Tonight I am showcasing two celebrities who have reinvented themselves.

Tom Selleck is an iconic 1980s television actor best known for his role as Thomas Magnum, a hunky, free-spirited private investigator with a cool gig in Hawaii. He has played many other characters since then but his newest starring role is that of Police Chief Frank Reagan in the new series Blue Bloods. Except for the weight gain, he still looks like Magnum – in a suit instead of a Hawaiian shirt and 80s style shorts.

Tom as Tom, left. Tom as Frank, right.

Donnie Wahlberg ‘s initial claim to fame was as one of the New Kids on the Block during the late 80s/early 90s. He has been working on an acting career for several years and now also has a major character role in Blue Blood, playing Selleck’s character’s son Danny, also a cop. Acting is a good career move for him; even with reunion concerts, you can only be a “new kid” for so long. You can be an actor forever.

Donnie in New Kids, left (in red, 2nd from left). Donnie as Danny in Blue Bloods, right.

A little Selleck trivia: he was originally cast to play Indiana Jones but couldn’t get out of his Magnum PI contract. Sad irony: shooting for Magnum was delayed that season and he would have had time to do Indy. Sad irony, part 2: some of Indy was shot in Hawaii while Tom was waiting for shooting to begin for the 1980 season of Magnum.

A little Wahlberg trivia: his brothers are in the arts too. His brother Mark was in the 90s group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (Donnie helped with the project) and brother Robert is also an actor. And Donnie has a brief but intensely creepy role in the opening scene of the movie The Sixth Sense.


elizinashe said…
Harrison Ford was fantastic as Indy. can't imagine Selleck doing any better. Wallberg was great in the Sixth Sense even if it was brief. he dropped like 40lbs to play the role. now that's dedication!
Bernie said…
Agree on the Ford. If Selleck had played Indy in the 1st, there would not have been any sequels. I didn't realize Wahlberg was that guy in Sixth Sense till I researched this post. Must see the movie again.