All Is Fair In Love and War

Have you ever wondered why love and war are often connected?

That thought crossed my mind recently as I listened to Sade’s latest song “Soldier of Love.” The song begins with a military style snare drum cadence and some of the lyric content includes military imagery.

Another song I heard recently: Pat Benatar’s “Love Is a Battlefield.” In what way is love a military skirmish? I don’t get it.

Then there’s the old phrase about the fine line between love and hate. I think there is a Grand Canyon-sized line between love and hate. How are those two things connected in any other than they both happen to be emotions?

Love – caring, fondness, strong affection, warm attachment, maximum friendship, wanting the best for someone

Hate – intense hostility, maximum dislike, loathing, wanting the worst for someone.

How can you call the line between those extremes “fine”?

And then there’s the old standby “all’s fair in love and war.” That implies that trickery and deceit are allowable strategies to gain someone’s strong affection and to win a war. Maybe to the latter, not to the former.

Love is a precious thing we should all seek to find. War is something to be avoided except as a last resort. Love and war should never be connected.