Random Sports Questions

As I am getting ready to go to my office this morning to do some work so I can have a few days off at Thanksgiving, I was thinking about some sports things:

Will Jimmie Johnson get enough points in the final NASCAR race of the season this afternoon to break his own record and win the Sprint Cup for the 5th year in a row? He's in 2nd place going into the race, but only 15 points behind. The top three are nearly tied. Anything can happen.

Will the Redskins lose another one? They had such promise at the beginning of the season. I guess it's another rebuilding year ... decade.

Will the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints win today? More importantly, will their game be on a TV channel on Comcast Cable in Frederick MD so I can watch it? Many Saints games were on Fox this season, but my local Fox station ran Simpsons episodes instead. Why?

LSU and Arkansas both won their games yesterday but both were hard-fought victories. Exciting games too! They face each other next Saturday. Of course I want LSU to win, not just because my college was affiliated with them and not just because half my Louisiana friends and family went there and continue to follow the games as if they were still students there. I want to win my annual bet with a friend who grew up in Arkansas.

And last but not least, will I ever get back to the gym? It's been a week. My fully loaded gym bag is looking way to comfortable in the trunk of my car.