Random Road Trips Notes:

- Six days in New Orleans. I'm afraid to get on the scale. I ate every local food item on my 'must eat' list.

- Saw every friend and family member I planned to see on this trip. It is an awesome feeling to be connected to so many wonderful people.

- Anyone who knows me for more than a few hours knows I am a story-teller and I love to talk, probably to a fault. Spend time with my relatives on all sides of the family and you'll see where I learned this behavior. Except they are louder than I am.

- I heard more family stories I had not heard before, including a few from my sister about our parents. Some of the tales are sad, some funny.

- Now comes the hard part: driving home. Wish I had taken two more days. There are two stops I want to make that I won't have time for.