Deep South Randomness

My holiday road trip has now taken me through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.  I grew up in these parts so nothing should surprise me, but sometimes it still does.

- Gasoline is 15 to 20 cents per gallon cheaper in the south than in Maryland, where I live.

- I stopped for gas in Tuscalousa.  Good thing I was not wearing my LSU cap.

- Clerks at some gas station marts in the south are as rude and clueless as they are further north, they just do it with fewer words and at a slower pace.

-  I hate Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  I swore I would not stop there, yet I needed gasoline, a restroom and lunch and that was where I was when I needed those things.

-  I have nothing against the deep south.  It will always be part of me.  I'm just not in sync with it any more ... except for New Orleans.  I'll always be in sync with that beautiful, goofy place.  More about that later.