Holiday Road Trip Randomness 2

More random observations from the road:

- The further south I go the warmer it gets.

- One objective of my road trip is to break some patterns and I have.

- I turned off the radio/CD player in my car for the first hour driving out of Asheville. No music, no voices. Just the sound of tires on pavement and the sights of beautiful scenery in Pisgah National Forest and the edge of the Smokey Mountains.

- Good news/bad news about my road trip dietary habits: The good news: I have not purchased any food at a fast food restaurant and I did not over-eat snacks while driving. Bad news: I drank more alcohol than usual during the first three days of my trip and I just had a tasty-but-high-calorie Mexican meal. Yum. Buurrrp!

- DC is not the only city with asshole drivers. In fact it appears that every city with a population of 250,000 or more has them.

- The first twenty minutes in Alabama were awesome because there were few cars and no trucks.

- The further I get from home the more ME I become. Still working on being ME when I get back home, but I’m definitely getting better at it.