The Ads You Won’t See

My fifth-favorite team (Green Bay) is the only one with a chance to even be in the Super Bowl this year so if I watch the game, it might only be to watch the commercials. I make radio commercials for a living, so I do have more interest in them than the average channel surfer, but so many are so bad that I often mentally tune them out even before physically tuning them out.

Commercials aired during the Super Bowl, however, are the elite, the best of the best. They are often created just for play during the game broadcast, produced at great cost and aired at even greater cost. Some are memorable and a few even get played again at some other time.

Some TV ads designed for play in the big game broadcast never air. They are rejected by the advertisers or the network. Reasons run from too edgy to too disrespectful to too distasteful. The two below were rejected because someone considered them offensive on religious grounds.

I happen to think they were done in good taste and poke only gentle fun at the religious side of things. You be the judge. And maybe step back a little from your computer … out of range of the lightning bolt.

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