Cosmic Connection and other Random Thoughts

Are some people connected cosmically? I truly think so. It fits my beliefs about soul mates and to some extent spirituality. I have only had that connection with a few people in my life. I don’t know what it means but it gets my attention. It is more than just finishing each other’s sentences, it’s saying or thinking the same thing at the same time; sometimes it’s even about doing the same things at the same time in different locations. Freaky. But it happens.

You’ve heard the concept that some people believe they have a bad luck cloud hovering over them. I believe I have a good luck cloud hovering over me. There are countless examples in my life of things working out, success in the face of eminent failure, achieving things nobody thought I could achieve. I count on this good luck cloud. Sometimes people close to me benefit from the cloud cover.

Logic tells me astrology is myth. Decades of observation tells me there is at least some reality to it. Nearly every Virgo I know is critical, nearly every Gemini I know changes opinion on a dime (multiple times in an hour), nearly every Aquarian I know is a dreamer, nearly every Sagittarius I know is spontaneous and a little bit ADD, nearly every Taurus I know is extremely stubborn, nearly every Leo I know is some kind of performer basking in the glow of a spotlight, Cancers are moody and secretive.

I usually don’t believe in ghosts or in the idea that dead people are watching over us, but every now and then I solve a problem using an analytical process I “feel” with just a hint of my Dad’s voice in it. When that happens, is it a skill I learned from Dad or is it the ghost of my dead Dad watching over me? Spooky, isn’t it? (I should have posted this on Halloween).

I have questions about who or what God is and I make no apology for having questions. My most consistent answer is that God is the thing that connects all of us. Not necessarily a person, not necessarily an all-powerful and controlling entity playing with us like a marionette, but something cosmic or spiritual. Maybe it is chemical. Maybe it is something humans invented as a way to explain the unexplainable. I’ll accept all of those as possibilities. I will not accept any one religion’s dogmatic explanation as the only explanation. The organized religion I am most closely aligned to generally encourages its members to seek wisdom from a variety of sources. Works for me!