Guns and Radio

There has been much talk this week about some possible connection between radio talk shows, weak gun laws and the horrific acts of a deranged shooter in Arizona.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I dislike extreme radio talk shows and maybe you know I think gun laws should be stronger. Some talk show hosts are dangers to society, in my opinion, but they do have the right to speak their crap. Sometimes listeners believe what they hear on those shows and some may even engage in bad behavior they think the show host is encouraging. But that was probably not the case in Tucson.

Gun laws are generally weak, in my opinion, and there are enough loop holes that any nut job can get a gun as easily as any law-abiding citizen. I have fired guns, by the way; everything from BB guns to shotguns to 22s to M16s. I am fascinated by the mechanics. I am saddened by the general attitude that there is anything good about firearms. I will never own one. I will find other ways to defend and protect my family, friends and country. Weak gun laws probably did contribute in some way to the Arizona shootings but that nut job was quite persistent and probably would have found a way to do what he did even if the laws were stronger.

What really bothers me is that some people are trying to make political statements based on the acts of one mentally disturbed guy (I won’t call him a man). This guy needed help, appears to have acted alone and was not especially making any kind of statement. He is a nut job, plain and simple. What does bother me about the connection between radio, weak gun laws and tragedy is that there actually are ‘sane’ people in our country who are capable of those kinds of acts and media loudmouths combined with a gun-loving society can lead to senseless killing. But the incident in Tucson is not one of those situations, in my opinion.