It’s the Same Old Crap

As one of the new Republican Congressmen was casting his vote Wednesday, he said the American people voted the new members in to repeal the health care law. What f-ing planet is that moron on? The American people voted for candidates to bring about change, to fix problems with real issues and to stop partisan gridlock. So the first thing the new Congress does is to dedicate their first vote to bringing back partisan gridlock. They know a ‘repeal health care’ bill will not pass the Senate and even if it did, the margin would be small and, of course, the President would veto it. That takes time that the ‘new Congress’ could spend bringing about change and fixing problems, but instead there will be more senseless delays in getting anything done. Same old crap!

Most surveys I’ve seen say the American people do want many of the things addressed in the health care bill passed by the previous session of Congress, but there are concerns over how that is to be accomplished. If the ‘new Congress’ really wanted to do what the American people elected them to do, they would try to change just the parts of the bill that these same surveys indicate are of concern to many people, specifically provisions that involve plenty of government intrusion into private lives. THAT is what the American people want. Instead, we have the same old crap!

What about job creation? What about improving education, What about fixing our rapidly deteriorating infrastructure? What about eliminating earmarks? What about reducing the insanely out-of-control deficit which, by the way, was IN control at the end of the last Democratic administration? Oh wait, I’m being partisan here. Sorry. Not really.

Actually, it’s no secret I’m a slightly-left-of-center Democrat, but I truly believe most of the American people are centrists and the best of us listen to multiple points of view and base our opinions and decisions on a balance of unbiased information. That’s what the American people want our elected leaders to do, isn’t it?

But now we already see that we have the same old crap. Now the arrogant Republican bullies who are in charge are doing the same bullshit that the previous arrogant, bullying Democrats did. What happened to politicians paying attention to us, their constituents, the people who elected them to represent us? Why should I expect that? Hell, I guess I’m just one of the lowly ‘people’ who don’t really know what we want. Except I happen to have a weekly, issues-based show on five radio stations in Washington, DC. Hmm, maybe I should abandon my usual policy of keeping my opinion to myself and actually say what I think about some of this crap. I might be accused of lacking civility, but my response to that is I am following the example of our leaders.

My friend Linda’s suggestion to replace EVERY Congressperson and Senator sounds better to me every day.