New Signs?

Reading the daily horoscope is fun but few people really believe that those little paragraphs mean much. Digging into personality characteristics associated with various astrological signs reveals another outcome: those often seem to be consistent.

I am an Aquarius and I fit most of the traits I have read about that sign: original, inventive, humanitarian, independent, stubborn, rebellious and aloof.

My closest friends and acquaintances are mostly Sagittarius (independent, adventurous, positive), Pisces (compassionate, accepting, devoted, over sensitive), Virgo (analytical, reliable, fussy, inflexible) and Leo (confident, ambitious, loyal, domineering). Oddly, only one of those signs, Sagittarius, is among the ones I am supposedly most compatible with. Who knew?

But now there is news spreading across the internet that there are new dates connected to the signs and there is a whole new sign. WTF?!

Every Sagittarius I know is now an Ophiuchus. Uhhhh.

And I am now a Capricorn? No way! I have friends in that sign, but most Capricorns I know are moody and detached. Hopefully I am neither.

People who truly believe in this stuff are shocked. And maybe confused. If personality traits really are influenced by alignment of stars and planets, does this mean there will be new definitions of what each sign means? Will our personalities change? Will we discover that we are individuals after all and this stuff didn’t mean anything anyway?

Will older boomers have to rename the Age of Aquarius? I’m not so sure the Age of Capricorn makes for good song lyrics. What is the first word you can think of that rhymes with Capricorn?

I was tempted to post the new lineup here but I won’t. As silly as it is, I am sticking to the former sign names and date ranges. Remember I am both stubborn and rebellious.