Optimistic Randomness

- The sun is out today, helping to offset the 23 degree temperature.

- We’re just 29 days from the Daytona 500, the first Sprint Cup race of the NASCAR season.

- There are only two things on my agenda today: completely straighten out my home office and work out on my treadmill. If I achieve those goals, I will post pictures of both.

- OK, there is a third thing: I am trying a soup recipe a friend sent me. Maybe I’ll photograph that too.

- This afternoon two of the three guest dogs at my house are going to another house for awhile… fortunately it’s the two who make the most noise. The little bitty quiet one remains for awhile.

- I have awesome friends. Yesterday I reached out to two I hadn’t been in touch with for a few months and got quick replies to my email. One lives in Hawaii and was almost serious when she said it was cold there (all the way down to 64 last night). The other lives 20 minutes from me but has been busy helping her boyfriend recover from injuries. More reaching out happening later today.

- The Chianti I was drinking last night was yummy. More tonight.