Process Update 1.0

Good news/bad news about 'focus' and goal-setting … those strategies inherently mean prioritization. Assuming that all of the items can't be done, which ones are more important? Which come first? What are the priorities?

So the first thing bumped off my list for the next two months is my Italian Lesson. I was all set to sign up, filled out the form, started searching web sites for the text book and then … realized that I have so many things on my plate for the next two to three months that I can't really commit to that two hours every Thursday night for 10 weeks in a row without letting something else suffer. There are many priorities for this part of this year that are more important right now than learning Italian. It sucks. I really want to move forward with that. For now, however, it will have to wait. Next session starts in the summer. Hopefully I can start the lessons then.

One reason I want to learn Italian is ‘family heritage’ and another is a trip to Italy that I have planned in my head. I will enjoy that adventure more if I can speak the language a little. The trip is also on hold for now … damn priorities. I have also pushed back my Grand Canyon dream for now. That one requires being physically fit and I’m not there or even close.

But a recent text conversation led me to move another travel plan from third place to first place, partly because no fitness or language lessons are involved and partly because it is slightly more affordable than the other two. This one will also have to wait, but maybe not as long.