Random Stuff From the Past Few Weeks

Had three margaritas tonight. More than my norm. They were good. So was the company of four co-worker friends.

Still feeling good about my recent road trip. One of the best ever.

Totally enjoyed watching and listening to a good friend play Gershwin on an awesome piano recently.

A Seattle Seahawks fan friend wants to make a bet about the upcoming playoff game against my Saints, but I might have to admit to him that I don’t understand point spreads. I just want to bet on winner or loser. Hope this lack of knowledge doesn’t affect the point spread on my man card.

Had a great lunch with my best friend from high school during my trip. Haven’t seen him so happy and positive in a long time. Hope he can keep that attitude.

A work friend’s mother died a few days ago. It was a long time coming so she had plenty of time to prepare for her loss. So far she has reacted well. Should I warn her that she’ll probably have moments of deep, tearful grief, often when she least expects it? If I’m in her vicinity when that happens, I will definitely tell her that is normal.

One of my happy hour friends gave me a tour of her Blackberry tonight. I’m thinking about getting one. My current cell phone only makes calls, texts and crappy pictures. Yes, sometimes I am so 1999.

Another cool road trip moment: a long conversation with another old friend from high school, sitting on a lake-side bench enjoying scenery we often shared back then.

Work is crazybusy like always but remembering ‘focus,’ my keyword of the year, is helping me cope. I think I made a good choice of keyword this year.