Sunday Randomness

The Saints, Redskins and Cowboys are my three favorite teams. The Redskins and the Cowboys, the two best teams in the NFL at one time years ago, didn’t even make it to the playoffs this year and the defending Super Bowl champion Saints played like crap last night and lost. Sucks.

I was a temporary Colts fan last night because of the friends I was hanging out with and the Colts lost too. So neither team from last year’s Super Bowl will be in this year’s big game.

Sometimes it appears I’m a big drinker but I’m not. I usually stop at two. Last night I stopped at four beers but I was in that bar for four hours so that is not unreasonable.

Although I’m not a big drinker I do want to find a bar where everyone knows my name, my own version of Cheers. The neighborhood joint last night was partly what I have in mind … friendly, not too big, not too slick, interesting food … the perfect place for watching sports events. But I really want a somewhat quieter place.

Part of that self-discovery journey I’ve been writing about for a couple of years involves expanding my social life. I want to spend more time with different people. As unfair as it may be at times, I study people. It’s my thing; nobody else really has to understand it. Last night was great because the two people in my party are so “studyable.” One is someone I’ve known for years but only spent social time with once before. The other is an acquaintance of hers that I’ve never met before. Both are interesting and complicated … great subjects for my amateur psychology interests. They were fun too.

The only specific thing on my agenda for today is to go to the gym. There are many other things I should do and have to do, but I’m feeling very lazy. Guess I’ll waste a little more time on this computer then I’ll get to that stuff.

Enjoy your day.