C'mon Baby, Do It, Let's Start Now

According to a survey commissioned by Jiffy Lube, three out of five Americans talk to their cars.

Here's what they're saying (they could give more than one answer):

- 50% have thanked their cars for a job well done, like getting them somewhere on time.

- 39% of people say they verbally encourage their cars. Like, "Come on, get up the hill without making me turn off the heat. You can do it. You got this. You're a beast."

- 32% have apologized to their cars, either for reckless driving, getting in an accident, putting them through bad conditions, and more.

- 30% beg or plead with their cars.

- 21% of people talk sweet to their cars while RUBBING the dashboard, steering wheel, or some other part.

- And 17% of people try to bribe their cars by verbally promising them premium gas, a car wash, and other special gifts.

Do you ever talk to your car? What do you say? I’m usually too busy screaming at other drivers to say anything to my car.