Diets Suck and Other Random Thoughts

My new doctor strongly suggested I lose another 10 or 15 pounds. I am not overweight in the classic sense, but I guess I’m 10 to 15 pounds above what I should be for my height. My blood pressure was a little higher than it should be and he says those two factors could be related. OK, OK, I get it and that last 10 has been on my goals list for two years. Sadly, I am trying to expand my cooking horizons at the same time I am supposed to lose weight. Timing apparently is everything.

I had a sandwich for lunch today. Made it myself. Whole wheat bread, sliced turkey breast, one slice of cheddar cheese and a dab (a large dab) of mustard. Snacked on some cashews. Did NOT hit the vending machine. Actually, I DID hit it, literally, while muttering something about wanting the contents as I walked past it to get yet another cup of water.

I’m planning to take a drive-west-till-I’m-tired adventure soon, just to change up my patterns. I really need it. Not sure where I’m going yet. I have a first choice and a second. I have been to both several times but I plan to do at least a few different things in whichever I visit. The idea is to change things up a bit. I really just need to break a few patterns and distract myself from some personal crap.

No car problems this week. I hate car problems and had several during the past few weeks. None yet this week.

Had brunch with a long-time friend yesterday, someone I don’t see nearly enough of, even though she only lives fifty miles from me. She and I have been friends for almost 27 years. With one exception, my best friends have all been friends for more than twenty years and with one different exception, all are women. I don’t know what that means.

Every guy should have at least a few close guy friends, the kind of guys who will put up with your crap, laugh at your jokes, tell you your female dates are hot even if they aren’t, rescue you when you get stuck somewhere and go to football games with you. The one close guy friend I have lives more than a thousand miles from here and our connection is probably based more on history than any current status. I spent time with him and his wife around Christmas but our conversation wasn’t as easy as it used to be. The guys I hang out with thesed days are co-worker drinking buddies. I like them but I can’t really say we’re all that close.

After dinner tonight I took a long, hard look at the contents of my refrigerator and realized most of what is in there is healthy. Did I mention diets suck?